Jeffrey Lamken of MoloLamken. (Photo: Diego M. Radzinschi)

Tell us about your top U.S. Supreme Court or federal circuit court victory over the past year and how you and your team achieved the win. Our top Supreme Court win was Hasty v. Abbasi. Early on, we identified cert.-worthy issues of interest to the Supreme Court, carefully positioning them on appeal. When the Second Circuit panel partially ruled against us, we obtained a six-judge dissent from denial of rehearing en banc virtually urging the Supreme Court to take the case. Careful coordination with government counsel (including OSG), and a highly effective petition, prompted the Supreme Court to grant review on three questions presented. Exhaustive research and a meticulously crafted argument led to complete victory on the merits for our client.

How did your firm approach appellate success over the past year? In every case, we invest the creativity, thought, time, and energy necessary to produce high-caliber, game-changing legal work. We have only “A” teams—no “B” teams—and senior lawyers are deeply involved in the details at each step of each engagement.

What practice advice would you give your younger self? 1. Listen and hear: Understanding the views of each team member, especially perspectives contrary to your preconceptions, is critical. 2. A good brief arranges the best arguments to tell a coherent and compelling story. Great briefs also subtly motivate courts, giving them ownership of your issues.

Response submitted by Jeffrey Lamken, a partner at MoloLamken.