Deanne Maynard of Morrison & Foerster. Deanne Maynard of Morrison & Foerster.

Tell us about your top U.S. Supreme Court or federal circuit court victory over the past year and how you and your team achieved the win. The Supreme Court ruled unanimously for MoFo client Sandoz in Sandoz v. Amgen, the court’s first case involving the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act. This victory paves the way for the biosimilar industry, and it was the capstone of another great year for MoFo’s appellate practice. My co-chair Joe Palmore and I worked closely with our client and trial colleagues to develop the winning strategy. We explained how the complex statutory provisions work together to further Congress’s goals of increasing competition and allowing early patent litigation.

How did your firm approach appellate success over the past year? We team with our MoFo colleagues to give our clients the best of both worlds—top-notch appellate specialists and first-rate subject-matter specialists. We know the process, the judges, what will get traction, and what will ultimately win cases for our clients.

What practice advice would you give your younger self? 1. Pick at least one colleague you admire and encourage him or her to mentor you. There’s no one way to be an excellent advocate; watch others and adopt what works for you. Surround yourself with excellent lawyers; they will make you better. 2. Answer the question.

Responses submitted by Deanne Maynard, appellate and Supreme Court practice co-chair at Morrison & Foerster.