Silvija Strikis, left, and Jim Webster, right, of Kellogg, Hansen, Todd, Figel & Frederick. Photo: Goodman/Van Riper Photography

Tell us about your biggest trial win from January 2016 to July 2017 and how you achieved the result for your client.

One of our biggest trial wins was in a case involving claims of Medicare and Medicaid fraud under federal and state False Claims Acts. The jury trial, which lasted over a month, followed years of contentious pretrial briefing and discovery.

The jury’s verdict in favor of the United States and Florida resulted in a judgment recovering $345 million for billing fraud. Our client will recover a relator’s share for her dedication to bringing the fraud forward.

The case required a trial team of more than a dozen lawyers and several experts in nursing, Medicare/Medicaid billing, statistical sampling and damages, as well as significant investment of time by the court and jury.

Share two trial tips that have been key to your success.

1) When expert testimony is complex and still difficult to understand despite your best efforts, credibility is the deciding factor, so take great care to avoid overreaching or aggressive expert opinion.

2) The jury is watching and evaluating your team and witnesses all the time. Stay positive and pleasant in all your courtroom interactions. The most effective cross-examinations are relentless, but remain polite. — Silvija Strikis and Jim Webster