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What was the most valuable lesson you learned in your first year of practice? You have to want it. IP litigation is a challenging practice full of talented lawyers. Many times, what determines the outcome of the case is simply who wants it more and hence who is willing to give more of themselves to their client’s cause.

Describe your biggest win or accomplishment in practice. Leading and winning on behalf of client Hyosung — an International Trade Commission trial that was part of a large, high-stakes competitor patent dispute that implicates a significant portion of the multibillion-dollar ATM industry in the U.S. It was a resounding victory for Hyosung.

Who do you consider to be your greatest lawyer mentor? I have had the good fortune of having many great lawyer mentors. One who stands out is the late Bob Hillman, the architect of modern-day Fish. He encouraged me to embrace the business side of our practice. His words have immeasurably impacted my young career.

Please share a key to your success. Be genuine and straightforward. Whether I am in a new client pitch or in front of a judge, credibility is paramount.