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When you think of energy, oil and gas comes to mind. But a Haynes and Boone partner expects wind energy production to increase during the current administration. Next, more energy investors are making their voices heard on environmental issues, attorneys from Vinson & Elkins say. And while master limited partnerships started to suffer after oil and gas prices slid, it now appears that the worst is over, according to Baker Botts attorneys. Read more in our energy special report.

Why Wind Power’s Prospects Are Bright
Mention Texas in the same sentence as energy and most folks will think of the oil and gas industry. But not so for plenty of well-informed lawyers, leading among them Diana Liebmann.
New Pressure for Energy Over Environment?
A well-worn stereotype portrays American corporations and particularly the energy industry as ambivalent at best about the environment. However, increasingly, major asset managers and investors have been asserting their views on the relationship between the well-being of the environment and the strength of their returns.
Strong Energy M&A Fuels Optimism for MLPs
Following the collapse in oil and gas prices that started in 2014, master limited partnerships initially remained resilient. But by the second half of 2015, MLPs also began to suffer. Unit prices fell, a record number of MLPs cut distributions and most MLPs were shut out of the capital markets.