The National Law Journal’s Regional Report takes the head counts from our NLJ 350 survey and analyzes the data by city, state and country. We’ve included the numbers of attorneys in the largest U.S. and foreign markets, plus head counts for every branch office from every law firm included on the list.
The NLJ 350 is our annual survey of the nation’s largest law firms. As we reported in our June 8 issue [ see complete coverage here], the number of attorneys at NLJ 350 firms was essentially flat in 2014 compared with the prior year. Law firms increased by just 0.6 percent in 2014, for a total of 147,518 lawyers. In this issue, we show exactly where the gains and losses occurred.
We’ve also ranked the biggest firms in the top 25 U.S. cities and the top eight international markets. In addition, we’ve included year-over-year numbers of attorneys in each city to show the changes in those locations.
CHART: The NLJ 350 Regional Report
More than 147,500 lawyers work for the firms included on this year’s NLJ 350. Of that number, 67 percent practice from the 25 U.S. markets detailed here. We’ve ranked the major markets.
CHART: Ranking the States
Where do NLJ 350 lawyers work?
CHART: Foreign Countries with the Most NLJ 350 Lawyers
Who is in our top ten, and where?
CHART: Largest Law Firm Offices in the United States
A total of 18,519 lawyers work in the largest U.S. offices.
CHART: Largest International Offices
U.S.-based firms with locations in foreign countries.
CHART: U.S. Markets With the Most NLJ 350 Lawyers
The top 25, plus another 25 markets where lawyers from the nation’s largest 350 firms practice.
How we put it all together.