What are the Legal Times 150 and the DC 25?

The Legal Times 150 ranks firms’ metro DC offices by head count. The DC 25 measures the top firms annually, based on their revenue in the Washington area.

Where do I find these surveys? Can I view them before submitting?

A blank DC 25 survey is here. A blank LT 150 survey is here. You can view all questions on the surveys in these pdf versions: DC 25 and LT 150.

What is considered a metro DC office?

Only those law offices in Washington, DC; Arlington and Fairfax counties, Virginia; the cities of Alexandria, Fairfax, and Falls Church, Virginia; and Prince George’s and Montgomery counties,

Maryland. Offices in Baltimore and Richmond are not included in the survey.

If our firm has multiple offices in the DC area, do we fill out the LT 150 form multiple times for each single office? What about the DC 25?

YES. Our LT 150 ranks offices by headcount. So, for example, if you’re Holland & Knight, you made the list last year twice, at No. 30 with the Washington office and at No. 111 in Tyson’s Corner. Please use this blank LT 150 survey to fill it out for a second office.

Please tally all offices’ revenue in the DC metro area for one DC 25 submission.

Which firms made the DC 25 and LT 150 last year?

Our full list of the 2013 LT 150 is here. And this page chronicles our entire 2013 “Inside Washington” special edition.

You may have googled the DC 25 and come up with, well, nothing. We apologize for the technical inconvenience. The results exist now in PDF format. Here’s the 2013 DC 25.

We didn’t fill these out last year. Should we this year?

Yes. We may have missed you last year, or things may have changed in the Washington area’s legal ecosystem. We collect this data to help our readers better understand the industry, their competitors and their firms.

If you received a link to this survey via email, our 2014 NLJ 350 reporting made us think you had a shot at the list. Last year, the firm offices on the LT 150 ranged from having 441 total lawyers (Hogan Lovells) to 25 lawyers (Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott).

As for the DC 25: If you’re not within shooting distance, that’s OK too. We still would appreciate your numbers. This information helps our team of reporters, especially business reporter Katelyn Polantz, understand the trends that are emerging in the industry. National Law Journal reporters analyze this data, so reporting on it this year may lead us to be interested in your firm for stories later.

When will the LT 150 and DC 25 be published?

July 28. Watch for these lists, the Influence 50 lobby shop rankings and supplemental coverage in the National Law Journal and at


If our firm merged or acquired another firm on or after Jan. 1, 2014, do we submit the survey for the current firm or for legacy firms?

Please report the firms as they existed Dec. 31, 2013. If they hadn’t yet merged, we’ll take entries from both legacy firms. Also please note on your entry that the new firm is a combined entity, so we can make it clear in the ranking.

The number of lawyers at our firm keeps changing. For what time frame do you want the information about firm size?

Information for the Legal Times 150 should be accurate as of December 31, 2013. Headcount of FTE’s should be as of Dec. 31, 2013.

Do contract attorneys, patent agents, summer associates or paralegals count for purposes of this survey?


One of our attorneys works out of both our Alexandria office and our DC office. May I count him for both offices?

No. Please count the attorney in the office headcount where he or she spends more than 50 percent of his time.

Can I count our part‐time attorneys?

Yes. We use full‐time equivalents, i.e. 2 part‐time attorneys = 1 full‐time attorney and so on.

Are partial equity partners considered equity or non-equity partners on the form?

If the partner receives more than half of his compensation from his salary, please count him as a nonequity partner. If the partner receives more than half of his compensation from a draw, please count him as an equity partner.

How do you define “minority”?

For the purposes of the Legal Times 150 survey, minorities include all racial/ethnic minorities, specifically African‐Americans, Asian/Pacific Islanders, Native Americans and Hispanics, regardless of citizenship. If your firm maintains these statistics only for U.S. offices, please indicate that with your firm-wide numbers.

If I don‘t have data for a particular question, can I leave it empty?

All empty answers are presumed to be zero. If that is inaccurate, please clearly state this on the form.

Should I include laterals when providing information about our associate hires?

No. Please include only “new” associates, such as your fall class.

How should we define new associates?

All associates who are scheduled to enter the firm directly after law school graduation in 2013 or who were deferred from other graduating classes and started as first-year associates in 2013.

Please count associates coming from judicial clerkships, including with the U.S. Supreme Court. Associates who come to the firm after completing a judicial clerkship are part of the incoming class of the year they begin work at the firm, not the year they graduated law school.

More questions? Contact reporter Katelyn Polantz at or 202‐828‐0312. She’ll get an answer for you as soon as possible. Thanks for your participation.