The trend toward prison and criminal sentencing reform has implications for employers, as states and local ­governments begin to restrict the use of criminal background checks in hiring. We examine what that means in this special report. We also look at the fallout from legislation changing the definition of “disabled;” ponder the breadth of federal whistleblower protections; and offer a critique of President Obama’s wage and hour policy.

Run Criminal Background Checks With Care
Proliferating “ban the box” laws penalize employers who screen job candidates without justification.

ADA Amendments Change the Rules for Employers
Congress expanded the definition of “disabled,” implicating workers’ compensation and other job protections.

How Wide the Floodgates for Whistleblowers?
Private and public employers alike could face a broad variety of Sarbanes-Oxley whistleblower claims.

Effort to ‘Streamline’ Labor Rules Will Burden Business
Rewriting federal overtime laws will likely only burden businesses big and small with increased record-keeping and uncertainty.