Even casual readers of the financial media may have noticed a certain pattern lately. With every new report about unemployment, factory utilization or home/auto sales, forecasters and pundits alike seek to reassure us that we’re out of the Great Recession, which began in 2008. Is it back to normal yet? According to our annual survey of who represents America’s biggest companies, the jury’s still out about the U.S. legal industry. From Europe, meanwhile, we are getting word that in Britain, innovative firms and legal departments are engaged in a concerted campaign to transform the legal industry.

European GCs Revolutionizing the Legal Market
In London and throughout the eurozone, general counsel
are finding canny new ways to do business.
To determine which law firms represent America’s largest corporations, we searched public records to find outside counsel used by the Fortune 500 for contracts litigation, labor litigation, torts litigation and intellectual property litigation.
A breakdown by category of the firms appearing most often in the list of outside counsel to Fortune 100 companies.
How the information was compiled for our survey.
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