Michael Hausfeld’s self-titled law firm has stacked up the successes since its start in 2008. From June 2012 to July 2013, it had a hand in more than $1 billion in verdicts and settlements, more than all three previous years combined, coming largely from two cases: antitrust litigation involving the air cargo industry and a high-profile football concussions case.

Commenting on this achievement, Hausfeld partner Megan Jones compared the small firm of 14 partners to a “band of brothers.” She said: “It shows we’re here to stay. Very few get to the billion-dollar mark in a year, and we did it. It’s a number that’s an accomplishment, and we know it.”

Hausfeld serves as one of four co-lead counsel in one of the largest recent cartel cases litigated, alleging price-fixing in the air cargo industry. Different airlines have settled over the past few years, with $207.4 million in recoveries last year pushing the total 17 settlements to $485 million.

In litigation this sweeping, Hausfeld has shared the lead with easily 60 firms, Jones said. “[We have to] keep organized and make sure the work product is adequate, but we do it.”

Hausfeld also played an integral part in the National Football League concussions case in which former players sued the NFL over long-term head injuries they sustained while playing. It reached a settlement of $765 million in August. Hausfeld was one of six firms selected for the court-appointed plaintiffs’ executive committee, and Hausfeld associate Jeannine Kenney served as sole liaison counsel for the entire case.

Jones, comparing Kenney’s role in the case to that of a train conductor, said the appointment “really showed our deep bench, so to speak. Here’s an associate ably taking the reins.”

She added: “We know we have to bring our litigation A-game from partner to paralegal.”