Breaking up is no longer that hard to do — at least in New Jersey. Fox Rothschild has developed an app, available at the iTunes Store, for prospective matrimonial litigants. "Whether you're simply contemplating separation, or already in the midst of divorce proceedings, the useful tools included in the New Jersey Divorce App can answer questions, offer insight into aspects of divorce you may have overlooked, and provide you with resources you may not have known were available to you," the iTunes tagline reads. Fox Rothschild partner Eric Solotoff said the app's purpose is to get litigants started by explaining procedures and providing easy access to a lawyer at the firm. — New Jersey Law Journal

Human Touch

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit waxed philosophical about immigration law this week when it revived a Pakistani woman's Board of Immigration Appeals case about her failed bid for her residency based on her U.S. stepfather. Mahvash Alisha Akram was 18 when her mother remarried and therefore was not her stepfather's child for immigration law purposes, the court said. Judge Michael Kanne dissented, writing, "Why admit a class of people into the country — using a visa designed to reunite families — only to give them the boot after a few years?" — Sheri Qualters