Until the next rules change, recent case law is the best standard for preservation obligations; state e-discovery rules are all over the map. 

Other topics covered in this special report include native production, proportionality, “Big Data” and concept searching.

Until next rules change, 2010 cases set the standard
When it comes to preservation obligations, Judge Scheindlin has drawn the brightest lines.

Rules of state courts have been far from uniform
States have either adopted the federal rules, enacted their own or ignored the issue entirely.

The practice of law in the age of ‘Big Data’
With Big Data tools, the focus turns from managing the burden of large amounts of information to leveraging its value.

Exploring the often overlooked concept of proportionality
The Sedona Conference has proposed six principles to govern the proportionality analysis.

Rethinking wholesale native-format productions
Litigants need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of both native and traditional static-image formats so that ESI production meets — rather than dictates — litigation strategy.

Shining a light into the ‘black box’ of concept searching
In contrast to overbroad traditional methods, technology can now give users the flexibility to see and select only concepts related to the word intended to be included in the search so as to provide the most relevant results.