A male former investigator at a Texas federal public defender office has sued a female supervising attorney for sexual harassment, claiming that she made him view pornography and sexually assaulted him.

Cesar Ehrenzweig, in a March 2 lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, alleged that after he ended a three-year relationship with Marissa Perez-Garcia in 2006, she became “furious” when he began seeing another woman. Perez-Garcia is listed as the branch chief on the Web site of the Laredo division of the Federal Public Defender for the Southern District of Texas.

“It became obvious to plaintiff that it had become a quid pro quo situation and that by not continuing in his relationship with Perez-Garcia, it was affecting his employment and evaluations with defendant,” the complaint alleged.

Perez-Garcia did not return telephone calls seeking comment.

Ehrenzweig claimed that Perez-Garcia continually asked him to renew their relationship, which he refused to do. He asserted that because of his refusal, she berated and threatened him. He claimed that after he refused her, she showed him pornographic photos and “would inappropriately grab and sexually assault” him.

Ehrenzweig alleged that in 2010, Perez-Garcia asked him to resign in lieu of termination. He refused to resign and was fired because of his complaints about sexual harassment, he alleged.

Ehrenzweig asserted claims under federal and state civil rights law, in addition to assault and battery. He seeks damages for lost wages and mental anguish, punitive damages and a jury trial.

Representing Ehrenzweig is Adam Poncio of Poncio Law Offices in San Antonio, Texas.
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