Our annual survey lists the law firms for Fortune 100 companies in five categories: corporate, contracts litigation, labor litigation, torts litigation and intellectual property. Plus, in-house counsel say they are collaborating more with law firms on fee arrangements; 17-lawyer Potter Minton of Tyler, Texas, is a go-to firm for major corporations seeking patent defense work in the plaintiff-friendly Eastern District of Texas; and Microsoft Corp. looks to some niche boutique law firms for specialty work.


For in-house counsel, it’s all about the relationship
When it comes to fees, several general counsel speak of a collaborative approach with key law firms.


Small East Texas firm a major player in patent defense
Seventeen-lawyer Potter Minton has done IP litigation work for a number of major corporations.

Microsoft taps boutique firms for specialty work
When in-house lawyers at the software giant go shopping for outside counsel, they’re well aware that big doesn’t necessarily mean better.


Fortune 100 sorted by gross revenue

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The most mentioned by category
The law firms most often representing companies in our survey, in the following categories: corporate, contracts, labor, torts and intellectual property.

How information was compiled for survey.

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