A time will arrive, perhaps soon, when singling out lawyers by gender will seem wholly unnecessary. Unfortunately, we’re not there yet. Don’t buy it? Try answering this question: How many major law firms can you name that are run by women — ditto practice groups, corporate law departments, advocacy groups, public agencies? Some of them? Certainly. Half? Not even close. Barriers have fallen and continue to do so, and the lawyers on our list of Washington’s Most Influential Women have career paths that any lawyer — male or female — would envy. These are power players, and they were selected by the editors of The National Law Journal for work that places them in an elite tier. We are recognizing their work, their influence and the fact that they may have had to work a bit harder than many of their male colleagues to get where they are today. Here’s to the day when that won’t be necessary. — David L. Brown, editor in chief 

Nan Aron
Alliance for Justice