On Dec. 30, 2022, the Texas Supreme Court denied mandamus in In Re Jeff Younger. The underlying case involves twin boys, one of whom exhibited confusion about his gender. Said differently, one of the twins identified as female, rather than male. The boys’ mother, Anne Georgulas, a pediatrician, was recently allowed to relocate anywhere in the United States with the parties’ children. The mother chose California. The father asserted that the mother’s move to California was predicated on the mother’s desire to facilitate “medical ‘transitioning’” of the parties’ son. Three months following the move to California, the father sought an emergency order mandating the family’s return to Texas.

The Texas Supreme Court denied Younger’s pro se mandamus, noting that he already has a district court order in place that prohibits the boys’ mother from undertaking a medical transition of their son. Further, the father contends that the boy expresses no gender confusion while in father’s care. By contrast, the mother contends that their son self-identifies as female, and prefers to be addressed as “Luna.”