This past year has seen horrific, violent attacks by white supremacists. The Buffalo shooter, who was expressly motivated by replacement theory, recently pleaded guilty to a domestic act of terrorism motivated by hate, among other charges, for his racist massacre. Within the last month, we have seen Nazis publicly demonstrating and threatening counter-protesters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In the last couple weeks, a man was arrested in Seattle, yelling antisemitic slurs and performing Nazi salutes. Replacement theory continues to receive substantial airtime from mainstream mouthpieces, like Tucker Carlson.

Equally concerning, right-wing extremists continue to enjoy the proximity to power that was accelerated by the election of former President Donald Trump. In 2022 more than 100 right-wing extremists ran for elected office nationwide. Many of those candidates lost, but not all of them. Trump not only announced his candidacy for president, he then met with one of new young leaders of the white supremacist movement, Nick Fuentes. And of course, Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) subsequently announced his own intention to run in 2024, and then quickly and publicly professed his love for Adolf Hitler.