Good morning and welcome to Supreme Court Brief! The dog days of summer are upon us and a new batch of Supreme Court clerks is preparing for the new term. We have some fun details about them. Kelsi Corkran is an example of a lawyer who left big law to find her dream job and, yes, she found it! Corkran tells us about her new role. And more than a dozen high court advocates shared their “wish list” for the coming term. Thanks for reading and your feedback is welcome and appreciated. Contact Marcia Coyle at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter @MarciaCoyle. Contact contributor Tony Mauro at [email protected] and on Twitter @Tonymauro.

Next Term’s SCOTUS Clerks Ready for Work

The newest class of 37 Supreme Court law clerks is getting ready for work, with or without being at the court itself. It’s an interesting group, and here are some morsels of information about them: