Mental health and substance abuse problems among lawyers and legal professionals are often considered taboo subjects in the legal industry.

That’s why embarked on the ongoing project Minds Over Matters: An Examination of Mental Health in the Legal Profession. As part of that endeavor, we are asking you and your colleagues to participate in a groundbreaking effort: The 2019 Mental Health and Substance Abuse Survey. The survey will close next week and can be accessed simply by clicking the link just above.

We kindly ask that you take the 5 to 10 minutes required to complete the survey and that you encourage your colleagues to do so as well.

This comprehensive survey of law firms of all sizes and locations stands to provide some of the best insight into the industry to date on such an important topic. The survey is designed to gather information from individuals at all levels of the firm, including attorneys and professional staff, and all information provided is strictly confidential. 

A joint project by and ALM Intelligence, the survey is part of our commitment to raising awareness and understanding of mental health and substance abuse in the legal profession and to provide information and resources to law firm leaders, attorneys and staff who may be struggling or who are concerned about a colleague.

Please direct any questions or requests to receive the survey to ALM Legal Intelligence at 888-770-5647 or You can also reach out to Carole Clark at