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Tell us about your biggest win or wins this year.

We represented plaintiff Enrichetta Ravina, a former Columbia University assistant professor against Columbia. The complaint documented how the senior leadership of Columbia allowed a tenured professor to sexually harass and obstruct the work of our client, including retaliating against her for protesting the harassment, revoking a year of leave, and putting her on an accelerated tenure process that made it impossible for her to succeed. The jury  in the SDNY awarded Ravina $1.25 million as compensation for workplace retaliation, ordering the university to pay $750,000 in compensatory damages, and Professor Bekaert to pay $500,000 in punitive damages.

What’s the biggest lesson you learned practicing law?

Exercising good judgment is the most important characteristic of a lawyer. Recently, what’s been the most significant change in your practice area and how have you adjusted?

The attack on class actions by the U.S. Supreme Court. We have adjusted by filing more Equal

Pay Act cases and multi-party matters.

Share an interesting fact about your firm that few know.

We hire our attorneys primarily from the top five law schools.

Answers submitted by David Sanford,  chairman.