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RBGG represents an association of blind and low-vision persons and two blind individuals in an action challenging the state and San Mateo County’s failure to provide voters with vision impairments the opportunity to equally participate in the county’s vote-by-mail program, which relied on inaccessible paper ballots. Plaintiffs sought to vote using software allowing them to read and mark their vote-by-mail ballots privately and independently using screen access software on their personal computers, which is already in place in a number of other states. The discriminatory effect was especially pronounced in San Mateo County, which in 2015 began taking steps to dramatically reduce in-person polling sites in an effort to further expand absentee voting.

What’s the biggest lesson you learned practicing law?

As a direct result of this lawsuit, California amended the Elections Code to permit the Secretary of State to certify the accessible vote-by-mail technology plaintiffs requested.

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Taking risks on behalf of compelling clients with compelling stories pays off. Our greatest strength lies in persistent and careful monitoring of injunctive relief.

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