The National Court Reporters Association is celebrating the successful execution of their 2014 National Court Reporting & Captioning Week, which was held last week across the nation. From open houses at court reporting schools to recognition by U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross in a floor speech at the U.S. House of Representatives, the events highlighted the contributions of court reporters and captioners to society.

“Court reporting, captioning, CART—these careers are part of the lifeblood of law and culture in our society,” said NCRA President Nancy Varallo, in a statement. To celebrate the week, Varallo sent a flyer to local schools in her area advertising court reporting and captioning as a career, and highlighted the intersection of talent at a musical instrument and success in their field. Her company donated $50 to every music group that passed the email onto their students. According to a statement, Forbes has recognizing court reporting as one of the best career options that do not require a traditional four-year degree.