Law firm summer associate programs are crucial for law school students looking for a promise of a permanent job offer. And with fewer offers on the table, a shot at a full-time position hinges on their ability to thrive under pressure and demonstrate legal knowledge, research abilities, writing skills and more—often with limited practical experience. Fortunately, the proliferation of AI technology is bolstering students’ preparedness for the real world like never before, enabling them to have a chance at a coveted position.

While legal technology tools that use AI have been around for years—contract drafting, legal research, case management systems, e-discovery, document automation, and legal analytics—law students now have another tool at their disposal—generative AI—that is offering them the opportunity to be even more prepared than previous generations of their peers. And why shouldn’t they? In a recent study, 70% of Gen Z—which include today’s current law school students—report using the technology.