In the last few years, the way people and businesses purchase SaaS and other subscription-based products has shifted significantly towards the consumerization of these B2B products. Increasingly, end-users of the product are leading purchase decisions. This growth model has been called “product-led growth” (PLG) and has become a hot topic of discussion among founders, investors, and the broader tech community.

As counsel to many SaaS companies, I have witnessed this shift firsthand. Yet, when it comes to addressing legal and privacy issues, to date there has been little distinction between PLG and traditional SaaS companies. PLG companies are seen as SaaS companies for legal purposes, when, in fact, PLG companies will encounter unique legal and privacy hurdles from a traditional SaaS company. Below I am going to share some best practices (hacks) to navigating PLG-specific legal and privacy issues.

What is Product-Led Growth?