There are many acronyms, terms, and phrases casually used within the daily parlance of legal outsourcing that may not be so familiar to you. As our industry becomes more intent on finding ways to right-size work, tap technology and talent as-needed, improve service delivery, increase margin, scale up and down with flexibility, and provide greater work-life harmony to attract and retain top talent and improve diversity, outsourcing can support your business of law in achieving all the above. Here are some terms that can help you enter the conversation around legal outsourcing.

BAU: Business as Usual. If we learned anything from 2020 it should be that BAU is an illusion. The world around us moves faster than we do, and it is full of surprises. However, in outsourcing speak, BAU refers to common tasks and types of work such as routine transactions that are often kept in-house but can be outsourced to ALSPs (as well as to law firms that manage ALSPs as a service to their clients).