Even before the COVID-19 global pandemic, Zoom and similar technologies were being used with increasing frequently for virtual meetings to accommodate collaboration on documents and slides, with simultaneous video and audio, and a plethora of other functionalities. Zoom has become a ubiquitous software, as synonymous with virtual meetings as “Uber” is to on-demand ride sharing. Now, with the burgeoning wave of businesses and courts shifting to remote operations, if they remain open at all, virtual meeting technologies like Zoom are key tools to successful operations.

Following are some tips for using Zoom and other virtual meeting tools more productively in meetings and depositions. Zoom tutorials and the Zoom blog offer a wealth of assistance regarding all types of meetings. Although the specific details and commands may differ, the suggestions are in large part applicable to similar technologies. The tips offered in this article assume a basic familiarity with Zoom. Some companies and courts have their own accounts and protocols for using Zoom or other technologies.

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