The Annual National Docketing Association (NDA) Conference held last week in Denver—the group’s most well-attended event since its inception eight years ago—drew 200 attendees who gathered to learn about best practices in technology and see first hand some of the innovation taking place in this sector. With 962 active members (and 172 added just since last year), the NDA is made up of seven chapters nationally, and the group has sponsored over 50 events in 2019 so far including cyber socials, networking events, and education via monthly webinars.

The conference focus is to educate professionals in the latest best practices in technology, training, case management and policy and procedure to assist them in performing their jobs. This year’s event covered some key areas of technology adoption including risk and change management. And from conference feedback, this growth could continue and the much overlooked but important aspect of the legal process continue to gain traction.