Gavelytics Enhances California Legal Analytics Offerings with Expanded Data Set

Sep 04, 2019 12:00 PM ET


First-of-its-kind artificial intelligence technology provides detailed statistical analysis on civil trial judges in Northern California counties

LOS ANGELES (Sept. 4, 2019) – Gavelytics, a Los Angeles-based legal technology software company, has completed its state judicial analytics platform in the Bay Area, with the addition of Alameda County, Calif. Millions of trial court dockets, rulings, and other litigation documents from Northern California complete the geographic coverage of Gavelytics’ artificial intelligence (AI) legaltech platform in the state. Founded by litigators, for litigators, Gavelytics’ AI-powered data technology has enabled dramatic litigation breakthroughs in California, Florida and Nevada. Gavelytics plans to roll out the technology in New York, Texas and Illinois in coming months.

According to Gavelytics Founder and CEO Rick Merrill, a former biglaw litigator, “Law firms with significant California state litigation can remove much of the guesswork from their legal matters with Gavelytics. The addition of Alameda County state court data allows Northern California law firms to be more productive and more prepared for what to expect from judges and opposing counsel.”

Gavelytics judicial analytics platform, named among the National Law Journals’ 2019 Emerging Legal Technologies, uses artificial intelligence and attorney review to help litigators quickly identify judges’ tendencies and determine if they will be favorable to their clients. The technology highlights the differences among judges by tracking how each judge tends to rule on various types of motions, how quickly they move through their docket, and how frequently lawyers file peremptory challenges against them. Users can learn whether a judge is good or bad for their client; the rate at which other lawyers file peremptory challenges against a judge; how a judge tends to rule on more than 100 types of motions; if a judge is more likely to favor specific types of litigants; and how a judge’s workload might impact the speed at which litigation proceeds. All judges have certain tendencies. Gavelytics identifies those tendencies in an understandable, practical and accurate manner, cutting down on attorney guess work and research.

Merrill said, “Our $3.2 million funding round in 2018 has allowed us to grow and expand our platforms and geographic footprint in California. Alameda County was a key missing element in Northern California.”

Gavelytics now covers all of the largest and most active counties in Northern California including San Francisco, Alameda, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Sacramento, and others.

“We’re excited to roll this out to our existing law firm, insurance, advocacy and corporate clients so they can make data-supported litigation decisions,” said Merrill. “We look forward to providing demos to those not already using our revolutionary legaltech platform as we prepare to launch Gavelytics in more states in the near future.”

Alameda County coverage includes detailed analytics on 17 Alameda-based California Superior Court judges. These judges hear, on average, more than 3,000 cases per year thus the need for analytics products like Gavelytics to understand their tendencies and preferences. In addition, Alameda County hears more than 9,000 unlimited civil cases per year and another 15,000 civil cases of various types including personal injury and limited civil matters.

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Gavelytics is a Los Angeles-based legal technology software company that provides law firms, insurance companies, advocacy organizations and corporate general counsel with state judicial analytics. Gavelytics legal artificial intelligence provides actionable insights that help lawyers win more motions, win more cases, and win more business. Gavelytics Motion Analyzer tracks how a judge has ruled on more than 100 types of motions. Gavelytics Ruling Database is a searchable collection of decisions issued by trial court judges. Gavelytics Custom Data Reports are created for clients by seasoned information scientists with access to more than 16 million court records. For more information, visit



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