KL Software Technologies Signs NetDocuments ISV Technology Partnership

Sep 12, 2019 3:03 PM ET


New York-based Microsoft Technology leader and systems integrator, KL Software Technologies joins NetDocuments’ new ISV Partner Program to promote netDocShare.

KL Software Technologies (KLST) has joined NetDocuments’ ISV Partner Program to streamline the way law firms live-view their NetDocuments content in SharePoint. netDocShare is a collection of Office 365 and On-premises SharePoint WebParts that can be used to view part of the NetDocuments repository, including cabinets, workspaces, documents, folders, saved searches anfilters. 

netDocShare is focused on enhancing productivity and experience by giving users the ability to access all information in one place. Just point, click, add and configure one of netDocShare Simple View, Advanced View, Recent Docs View or Tree View WebPart on a SharePoint page.  

The KLST and NetDocuments partnership creates excellent value for customers who have been challenged with viewing NetDocuments content in SharePoint. KLST worked closely with NetDocuments product team and their latest release of Rest API Version to make this integration possible.  

“We are incredibly excited to partner with NetDocuments and leverage their world-class APIs to deliver a seamless and secure viewing experience of NetDocuments content in SharePoint,” said Ragav Jagannathan, CEO of KLST. “We are looking forward to showcasing netDocShare at Elevate 2019 in Salt Lake City next month.” 

“NetDocuments is excited about the ISV Technology Partner program and the resulting integrated applications readily available on our cloud platform,” stated Leonard Johnson, SVP of Partners, NetDocuments. “KL Software Technologies’ inclusion and active participation underscores their commitment to providing NetDocuments customers with innovative solutions designed to increase work productivity.” 

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About KLST

KL Software Technologies ("KLST") was founded in 2003 with the vision of building mobile-first digital innovations that provide smooth, intuitive, and consistent user experience across smarter interfaces. With global delivery centers based out of USA and India, KLST software+services offerings are focused on Enterprise Collaboration & Content, Hybrid Mobility, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmented Reality. Learn more about KLST services: www.klstinc.com/whyklstforlegal 

About NetDocuments 

Founded in 1999, with more than 2,500 enterprise customers worldwide, NetDocuments is the legal industry’s most trusted cloud-based content services and workflow platform. Complete with state-of-the-art built-in security, compliance and governance solutions, NetDocuments offers document management, email management and collaboration technology complete with disaster recovery, enterprise search, and matter centricity features. For more information about NetDocuments, please visit www.netdocuments.com. 

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