Legal Strategist Craig Levinson Warns Lawyers and Law Firms of the Dangers of Not Adopting "Intentionally Virtual" Client Development Tactics During COVID-19

Jun 16, 2020


Levity Partners ( recently highlighted a wide array of tactics it teaches that rainmakers will need in order to locate, and connect with, clients now and in the long-term future. With social distancing becoming the ubiquitous societal norm, most rainmakers must completely revamp their sales strategies to continue to reach and secure new business. Using published techniques that award-winning sales coach, marketer, and rainmaker Craig Levinson perfected pre-pandemic, Levity Partners helps law firms understand and incorporate this new understanding.

"Navigating and mastering virtual client development tactics had already become a critical differentiator for a segment of successful rainmakers – the global pandemic just forced the issue," said Craig Levinson. "This an extremely uneasy time for many lawyers because rainmakers historically developed nearly all of their business in person. But all of that has now changed. If lawyers want to maintain or increase their books of business going forward, they must adapt to this new landscape quickly – or get left behind."

Levity Partners: New Skills for Virtual Rainmakers

To design networks of ideal prospects and referral sources, and secure new clients, rainmakers must adopt professional client development tactics built for the lawyer personality, by a lawyer – methods expressly designed to be done virtually because of their time-savings, efficiency, and effectiveness. These tactics are layered and build upon one another:

  • Informational Networking: Leverage the article-research-and-writing process and the need for quotes, background information, and feedback as an excuse to meet the most coveted new contacts. Done correctly, ninety-five percent (95%) of your business will be generated before, not after, your articles are published.

  • Consistent Referrals: Get reliably introduced by contacts, old and new, to their most relevant peers – because you're purely seeking information, not selling your services.

  • Tacit Recommendations: Get implicitly "vouched for" by the initial contact with each informational referral.

  • Virtual Panels: Build potent virtual panels, at little cost, and leverage them to invite "dream contacts" to be your panelists, to engage with you, and to even promote you.

  • Uncovering Leads: Draw on your lawyering skills. Use a precisely formulated questioning process to concurrently attract qualified prospects and filter out the time-wasters.

  • Revelation and Alignment: Once again, use your lawyering talents and the questioning process to investigate rather than sell. Help prospects turn abstract pain into concrete impacts and stimulate epiphanies which create the mindset for them to buy.

To learn more about Levity Partners rainmaker-training materials, go online; or schedule a 15-minute "clarity call" with founder Craig Levinson to discuss how Levity Partners can help.

About Levity Partners: "All We Do Is Help Lawyers Develop Business"

The "anti-sales" consultancy for law firms, Levity Partners helps rainmakers double, decuple (10X), and even trigintuple (30X) existing books of business, while helping new lawyers quickly transition into rainmakers. Created by award-winning veteran attorney Craig Levinson, Levity Partners helps lawyers who want to eliminate traditional uncomfortable sales tactics, replacing those with tasteful, non-salesy virtual approaches that lawyers favor and clients welcome. Levinson has worked with over one thousand lawyers, who attribute $535 million in incremental business to his training. Learn more about how Levity Partners can help you grow your legal practice at:

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