2021 Power Attorneys for Mass Torts & Personal Injury Law

Oct 04, 2021 1:08 PM ET


 In line with this, the Lawyers of Distinction is the fastest-growing lawyers' group in the United States. Members passed a goal assessment of their qualifications. Included in the test are reputation, license, experience, and disciplinary history.

Ofir Ventura: Man of all Work

Ofir Ventura is an attorney based in Las Vegas, Nevada, with many years of legal experience. Now, in several different fields of law, he makes a name for himself. Top of his passions is class action lawsuits, personal injury law, and mass tort cases.

But, Ofir Ventura is not restricted to the legal profession. He is also a serial entrepreneur operating in several areas in the business industry. Ofir owns real estate, finance, food and beverage firms, and is an NFT collector and promoter.

Ofir Ventura's High-Profile Injury Cases

Ofir Ventura of Ventura Law Center may take on any case, whether major or minor. It offers customers the individual support they need to feel secure that they are always available to assist. As an attorney of the Ventura Law Center, he has extensive competence in all areas concentrating on personal injury law, and mass trots.

He exhibits his skills in addressing cases of mass damages. Mass torts are civil actions involving many plaintiffs. Plus, it has similar claims against one or several state defendants.

Ventura is calling the public to hold Johnson & Johnson responsible for its acts. Talcum powder, most often known as a baby powder that Johnson & Johnson produces.

It turned out that this talcum powder had traces of asbestos. When used, this asbestos may be trapped in several places of the body and increase the likelihood of cancer, of which ovarian cancer is the most prevalent.

More so, Ofir handles lawsuits of soldiers who have had hearing loss or ear pain after using 3M earplugs. 3M produced earplugs prescribed to military troops. It serves as protection against hearing loss in keeping with their duties.

The Dual-Ended Combat Arms Earplugs (CAEv1) were found to be faulty. It offers insufficient hearing protection, leading to permanent injury to our military personnel or hearing loss.

You can learn more about Ofir Ventura at www.ofirventura.net

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