Urbx Moves to Dismiss Meritless Attabotics Lawsuit

Sep 27, 2021 12:03 PM ET


Urbx, the on-demand robotics fulfillment system for last-mile delivery, has filed a Motion to Dismiss the meritless patent infringement lawsuit filed by Attabotics in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts. 

Urbx respects intellectual property.  However, Attabotics' lawsuit attempts to expand its patents beyond their lawful scope. 

Attabotics' asserted patents are limited to storage solutions using a single type of robot.  By contrast, Urbx offers a novel dual robot system that optimizes efficiency through specialization and division of labor.  For at least this reason, Urbx does not and cannot infringe Attabotics' asserted patents.

Urbx is represented in this matter by Andrew GishMarti Johnson, and Raymond Bilderbeck of Gish PLLC, and Theodore Folkman of Folkman LLP.  All inquiries in this matter should be directed to Urbx's legal counsel.

About Urbx

Urbx is the world's first on-demand robotics fulfillment system for last-mile delivery.  Urbx uses cutting edge robotics technology to enable retailers to automate and optimize the in store picking process.  The Urbx micro-fulfillment solution uses vertical architecture with a dual-bot system to fulfill orders at high speeds while maximizing density.  By using vertical spaces with a small footprint, Urbx enables major savings in real estate costs compared to traditional retail structures.  Urbx is based in Boston, Massachusetts, with last-mile installations going live with name brand retailers next year.

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