Paraquat Legal Resources Works to Assist Parkinson's Disease and Kidney Failure Patients

Jun 15, 2021 2:45 PM ET


 Paraquat Legal Resources™ announced expanded outreach to individuals and families who may have contracted Parkinson's Disease or non-diabetic kidney disease (End-Stage Renal Failure) after exposure to paraquat, a deadly herbicide banned in more than 40 countries, including China and Brazil, but is sold to American farmers.

Scientists have known for years that paraquat is linked to Parkinson's Disease and kidney disease, but that hasn't slowed the use of paraquat in America. This toxic herbicide is sprayed on everything from corn and soybeans to citrus and grapes.

Jeff Link of Jeff Link Law, PLLC, has previously worked under the trade name Midwest Corn Lawsuit™, on behalf of farmers who lost revenue due to Syngenta Seed's negligence. That case resulted in recoveries for many American corn farmers injured by Syngenta's conduct. Link and his colleagues working as Paraquat Legal Resources™ are executing a long-term educational campaign to inform farm families and agriculture workers on the dangers of paraquat and representing those suffering from these debilitating diseases as a result of it's exposure.

"Farmers work hard to feed the world," said Link. "But the makers of paraquat put farm families at risk of these debilitating diseases. It's time these companies face some accountability for the devastating impact of their product."

The launch of the campaign has focused primarily on the Midwest, but over the next year will expand to states across the country where paraquat is known to be used. Potential plaintiffs are learning about how exposure to paraquat prior to diagnosis with Parkinson's Disease or kidney disease, could make them potentially eligible for a claim.

Paraquat is known to many by its brand names Gromoxone®, Blanco®, Chevron™, Devour®, and Helmquat™.

Individuals exposed to paraquat and now diagnosed with Parkinson's or kidney failure should contact Paraquat Legal Resources™ for more information and a free evaluation.

Jeff Link of Jeff Link Law, PLLC and Paraquat Legal Resources can be reached at (844) 752-6224 toll-free or (515) 489-0006 or at

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