Legal Expert Panel Led by Digital PR and SEO Advisors Qamar Zaman and Rene Perras Assemble Lawyer Segment Experts to Discuss How COVID-19 Impacted the Law Firm Industry

Oct 20, 2020 10:00 AM ET


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Trevor Goring Trial Lawyer Painter, Florida Justice Attorney Joshua Horton, Consumer Justice Attorney Donald Slavik and Legal Financing Architect Brian Spira Express Views. 

Prior to COVID-19, the legal sector was already changing at an accelerated pace. The disruption caused by the virus has impacted all countries and their economies, forcing a dramatic pause in the legal industry, pressing firms to reconsider their business strategy by reimagining the future law firm workplace.

The shelter-in-place orders and social distancing guidelines caused the consevative legal industry to embrace new technology by quickly shifting to online tools, enhancing remote working. Courts also furiously worked to implement video conferencing and other electronic solutions to keep providing forums for litigants to resolve disputes amid courthouse closures and the suspension of jury trials.

The economic fallout of the pandemic has impacted the business of law, with some firms faring better than others. Witnessing the shift in attorney movement, Qamar Zaman, the founder of KISS PR Story interviewed Rene Perras, a digital PR expert, to assess the challenges and burdens faced by plaintiff attorneys and how they could overcome the costly burden of litigation support services such as document review, hosting for data and electronically stored information(ESI), E-Discovery, through innovative and creative financing solutions.

In his interview, Perras shared how COVID-19 has affected his niche within the legal industry. After hearing Perras’ review of the issue, Zaman gathered a panel of industry experts from different sectors within the legal industry to discuss the pandemic impact on their areas of specialization.

The panel members included:

Florida Justice Attorney 

Joshua Horton, Florida civil justice attorney and director of public policy for the Hanley Foundation, talked about how the pandemic has increased suicide and drug overdose rates. The opioid epidemic has triggered depression and isolation, making vulnerable individuals susceptible to addiction to be pushed over the edge. 

Trevor Goring Trial Lawyer Painter

Trevor Goring, Canadian portrait painter and founder of, The Trial Lawyer National Portrait Gallery stated, “the pandemic abruptly terminated monthly travels to attorney conventions throughout North America, forcing this commissioned portrait painter to network more creatively. COVID-19 pushed me to adapt and paint even more.”

Consumer Justice Attorney

Donald Slavik, professional engineer and national consumer justice attorney and advanced driver assistance systems advocate, opened up with parallels that exist between developing a safe COVID-19 vaccine and safe EVs, “tragedies could have been prevented if not for a poor and rushed vehicle design.” 

Digital PR Advisor 

Rene Perras, data hosting and ESI/e-discovery adviser, elaborated on how COVID-19 has rewritten the rules of engagement by shutting down new projects as civil courts struggle for normalcy they had prior to COVID-19. “Existing projects are waiting to spring into active mode, but the uncertainty of the litigation cycle continues to increase the technological and financial burden”, expressed Perras.

Legal Financing Architect

Brian Spira, litigation financing adviser, said “COVID-19 originally brought the court system to a standstill with dockets backed up, elongating litigation life cycles considerably. In the last couple of months, this realization has rendered vendor finance alignment more critical, popular and timely than ever.” 

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