New App e-gree Creates Legal Contracts for Anyone with a Smartphone

Jul 29, 2020 7:15 AM ET


e-gree, a new app that allows anyone to quickly and easily build their own contracts with their own terms, launched globally today on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Whether users want to protect their ideas, their businesses and their privacy or just want to make sure the slacker in their fantasy league pays their dues, e-gree provides simple solutions that are easy to use and understand.

Born from the belief that everyone should be able to protect themselves and their interests, e-gree provides both the tools and the environment so that anyone can quickly and easily generate their own personalized and uncomplicated written e-greements, with their own terms, that alleviate misunderstandings and the need for litigation – all without hiring a lawyer. e-gree also stores users' e-greements securely in the app and even provides dispute resolution tools to help users if their e-greements are broken.

"Protection is the key word for me. It's vital that the next generation of go-getters are able to protect themselves and their interests," said Araz Mamet, co-Founder of e-gree. "That's why we created e-gree – to give them the tools to do just that. From entrepreneurs who want to protect their great idea as they build their team, to people who want to make a friendly wager on the outcome of sporting events that have recently come back – e-gree allows real people to protect their interests."

"e-gree offers an alternative to legal services traditionally performed by attorneys and law firms, leveraging the power of technology and the insight of legal experts to provide real protections for real people – not just the rich ones," said Keith Fraser, co-founder of e-gree and owner of the Fraser Firm. "In doing so, e-gree democratizes access to basic legal services for anyone with a smartphone. And most importantly, e-greements are created by professional lawyers. They're simple to read, easy to understand, convenient, and safe, so there's no need to meet in person to sign a contract."

e-gree isn't just an app, it's an ambition to empower people in ways they have never been empowered before – to choose their own terms. A lifelong digital companion, e-gree lives on users' most personal devices – their smartphones, so it's always with them, ready to quickly and easily jump into any situation and protect their interests at a moment's notice. For example, if you're an entrepreneur growing a business off a great idea from the ground up and want to protect your thinking as you build your team, e-gree gives you a level of protection along the way. The more users spend time with e-gree, the more they learn about protecting themselves, their ideas, and their interests.

At its heart, e-gree is about making, accepting, or declining e-greements. Within the app, there are 12 different types of e-greements, which include:

  1. Employment Confidentiality e-greement: keep business & personal information private, with employee confidentiality.

  2. Event Non-Disclosure e-greement: keep exclusive events private, for you and your guests.

  3. Event Content Release e-greement: share content from your event, with your guests' permission.

  4. Auto Accident e-greement: assess and settle quickly after a minor auto accident.

  5. Betting e-greement: make that friendly wager, formal.

  6. Great Idea Non-Disclosure e-greement (Business Idea NDA): for all your ideas. If you want to share them, protect them.

  7. Business Information Non-Disclosure e-greement

  8. Online Relationship Dating e-greement: during a digital relationship, keep what you share, private.

  9. Prenuptial e-greement: for future financial and personal assurances before marriage.

  10. Referral and Networking e-greement: for one-time business referrals or ongoing arrangements.

  11. Separation e-greement: for couples who wish to set ground rules during a separation.

  12. Online relationship (dating) e-greement: during a digital relationship, keep what you share, private.

e-gree is available to download for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The first five e-greements are free, each next e-greement is $0.99 and an annual subscription is $9.99.

About e-gree
e-gree is a new app that allows anyone to quickly and easily build their own contracts with their own terms, and securely stores any legal agreement users want honored and protected. e-gree's objective is to build an extension to the formal legal system that provides real protections, real justice, for real people, for life – not just the rich ones. In doing so, we want to empower the next generation of go-getters. Visit for more information.

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