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Legal Newswire powered by Law.com is the only press release newswire that guarantees publication on the 18 leading legal industry web sites, super premium digital news services such as Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal, and much more.


LegalNewswire is a press release newswire distribution service designed specifically for the legal industry. Legal Newswire powered by Law.com was created by ALM in partnership with iCrowdNewswire. Legal Newswire delivers a uniquely tailored press release distribution solution to the Legal industry that is curated to leading legal journalists and publications, while ensuring wider exposure across social, search marketing and research databases.

About Our Media Outlets:

Legal Newswire brings a wide distribution for your press release


18 ALM National and Regional Publications.

Research Platforms

West Law & LexisNexis.

Research Databases

We have Five Research Databases.

Email Distribution

10,000+ Legal Media,Bloggers & Legal


Distribution in English and 8 other languages.

Paid Digital Advertising

Paid Geographic & Demographic targeting

45,000 targeted views through Geographic, Demographic, keywords & interest based targeting. Pin point geographic targeting driven by state-of-the-art advertising technologies to reach every Country, state, City or zip code worldwide.Pin point Demographic targeting driven by Googles technology. Demographic segments including age group, interests and languages.

Press Release on VDAs and Amazon Alexa

Listening is now the reading

The new combined news distribution capabilities of Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Apple stand to change the way news is distributed and consumed, and iCrowdNewswire is the first corporate press release newswire to launch channels in audio.