What was particularly interesting about this deal? Navigating a US corporate (albeit private equity backed) through the intricacies of a UK deal with a UK PE seller.

Why did you become a lawyer? I worked in a debt-collecting firm during university and enjoyed litigating.

Who has been the biggest influence on your career? Matthew Hudson, Steve Davis, Martin Bowen and Graham White have all influenced me at various times. Thanks guys.

What’s your proudest professional moment? Being made partner and then co-head of corporate at SJ Berwin/King & Wood Mallesons.

…and worst day on the job? Seeing valued colleagues move on.

Aside from your own firm, which lawyer do you most admire and why? Richard Youle and Ian Bagshaw at White & Case for the business they are building, and Phil Sanderson for the great job he did at Travers Smith.

What’s your strongest characteristic… and worst trait? Demanding that the teams I work with drive client service – even when sometimes it can wait until a Monday.

What advice would you give to young lawyers starting out? Work hard and never turn any work down – the worst jobs give the best experience. Find a mentor and stick with him or her.

What’s the best part of your job? The people – both the clients and colleagues you work for and with.

What most annoys you about the legal profession? KYC.

What’s the most unusual/shocking request you’ve ever had from a client? Getting instructed to buy Michael Jackson’s ranch. The monkey was specifically carved out of the deal.

Most memorable deal you ever have worked on and why? Buying Jimmy Choo for Lion Capital.  It was their first deal in the UK and my last as an associate.

What is the daftest bit of corporate jargon you’ve heard? On the “horn” (on the phone) and “in the workshop” (being drafted). Both last week.

Do you see yourself having a career outside law? You never know…

What’s your favourite item of clothing? Suede loafers – it’s like leaving home in a pair of slippers.

It’s midnight and you’re in the office for the night, where’s your takeaway from? I usually try to make it home to sneak a glass of wine with warmed up leftovers. Even at 3am it makes me sleep easy.

What are your desert island discs? Fools Gold – Stone Roses, Sympathy for the Devil – The Rolling Stones, Rock ‘N’ Roll Star – Oasis, Paul Weller – Stanley Road.

Favourite boxset? Band of Brothers.

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