Adrian Group’s legal counsel Naomi Kasi Mue clinched the Junior Corporate Counsel of the Year prize, in recognition of a string of impressive achievements, not least juggling legal support for eight different companies within the group.

Mue’s responsibilities include drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts (for instance, she helped negotiate six major local contracts that represent the main source of revenue for the group); ensuring statutory compliance requirements are met; and advising management on legal matters that impact finance, business development and procurement. She has underscored her leadership potential, serving more than 300 employees effectively through meticulous planning and making decisions quickly and independently. In addition, she organises training for staff and promotes teamwork to better cultivate relationships and boost performance.

She formed a committee to investigate revenue leakage, discovering that the company was losing a significant amount of cash through fuel card and site material theft (the committee helped restructure the logistics department to better control leakage, reducing losses by 30%). She also strives to reduce the number of court matters by seeking out-of-court settlements to curb expensive litigation costs.

A colleague complimented Mue for possessing excellent intelligence and emotional quotient, and for demonstrating a high degree of competence in her duties across a broad range of legal areas.

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