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We examine here the first of the three components of the Improvement Stage: reconciliation. In the planning stage we agreed with the client on an Anticipated Range of Outcomes. Now comes the moment of truth. Did the law firm deliver each one of the promised ingredients within range? Being accountable in this way is a key part of the transparency that clients are demanding.

When expressed in this stark way, it’s clear that a key attribute of reconciliation is accountability, and the key to accountability is transparency. How do lawyers feel about accountability and transparency? To answer that, consider this. In any business, customer experience determines if the customer will return. In your student days you might have been fascinated with one branch of the law or another. That’s terrific, and hopefully you will never lose that passion. But in private practice we need to find room for a new obsession, customer experience. In other words, how do clients feel about you, how you work, and what it’s like working with you.

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