Awards host Shadia Bseiso (left) and awards judge Afshan Akhtar (fourth from right), Arab Banking Corporation, with the Baker Mckenzie team

Finalists: Al Tamimi & Company (Highly Commended); BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates; Charles Russell Speechlys; Clyde & Co; KBH Kaanuun; Stephenson Harwood.

Baker McKenzie emerged victorious in the litigation category for its work helping a state-owned entity win a fraud and embezzlement case against a group of international investors.

The case centred on an embezzlement scheme in relation to jointly owned projects between the entity and the investors. Part of the scheme was for the investors to liquidate the investment through intentional fraudulent bankruptcy and preventing the client from making any profits.

The firm’s litigation team aimed to help its client gain control of the investment by pursuing twin civil and criminal claims against the investors, enlisting the help of forensic accountants and court-appointed experts to provide evidence of the fraud. That two-pronged approach resulted in restitution of the entire investment and financial compensation for the client.

“A high profile case that was successfully resolved in favour of Baker McKenzie’s client as a result of the forward-thinking and professional approach taken by the legal team,” remarked one judge.

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