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In 2012 H1N1 was the medical issue taking the world by storm; people feared a pandemic and what that would do to the economy and society as a whole. This year the feared disease is Ebola; harder to spread, but much more deadly once contracted. As of October tenth, the World Health Organization says there have been close to 8,399 cases and 4,035 deaths; this is a near fifty percent mortality rate. Most of cases have been in Africa. Fortunately, it is not easy to contract Ebola; you must have direct contact with bodily fluids of an infected individual. It is not spread through the air, and not likely to become so. Those taking care of the ill are at the highest risk of contracting the disease, which has many hospital staff worried. The affected individual must be isolated and the caretakers properly attired in hazmat suits to avoid any possible contact with fluids. However there is a twenty-one day incubation period, which is causing quarantines and fear among the public. 

As the world takes great interest in the progression of Ebola and other viruses, and the possibility of a pandemic, the thoughts of FC&S staff naturally turn to insurance. What kind of coverage, if any, is available for someone who gives another person or colleague Ebola or the flu? What about businesses that could infect employees or customers? There are many issues to look at, and even if Ebola or H1N1 isn’t the next 1918 flu, it never hurts to be prepared.

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