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Summary: The business auto coverage form can be modified in several ways by the use of endorsements; additional insureds can be added to the coverage form, exclusions can be added or modified, existing coverages can be redefined. The following list of endorsements is not all-inclusive, but it does represent a sampling of those endorsements that are used most often or that raise the most questions with their use. The endorsements are presented in order of their form numbers, with the exception of new endorsements that ISO has introduced with its March 2010 revision of the commercial auto policies; these are discussed at the end of this article.

Incidentally, some of these endorsements can be used to modify not only the business auto form, but also the garage form and the motor carrier coverage form. However, for information on endorsements used mainly with the garage form, see Garage Policy Endorsements .

Topics covered:Limited Mexico coverage CA 01 21Driving schools CA 20 06Mobile equipment CA 20 15Repossessed autos CA 20 19Snowmobiles CA 20 21Designated insured CA 20 48Employee hired autos CA 20 54Fellow employee coverage CA 20 55Fellow employee coverage for designated employees CA 20 56Auto loan/lease gap coverage CA 20 71Physical damage coverage—autos held for sale CA 20 78Rolling stores CA 23 04Wrong delivery of liquid products CA 23 05Coverage for injury to leased workers CA 23 25Public transportation autos CA 24 02Stated amount insurance CA 99 28Tapes, records, and discs coverage CA 99 30Social service agencies—volunteers as insureds CA 99 34Garagekeepers coverage CA 99 37Audio, visual, and data electronic equipment coverage CA 99 60Loss payable clause—audio, visual, and data electronic equipment CA 99 61Optional limits—loss of use expenses CA 99 90

Exclusion of federal employees using autos in government business CA 04 42

Waiver of transfer of rights of recovery against other to us CA 04 44

Golf carts and low-speed vehicles CA 04 45

Amphibious vehicles CA 23 97

Limited Mexico Coverage CA 01 21

It is no secret that with the coming of NAFTA, more business autos are being driven into Mexico. CA 01 21 extends the coverage territory to include Mexico, but only for accidents or losses occurring within 25 miles of the U.S. border, and for trips into Mexico of ten days or less. So, for example, if the insured businessman drives his covered auto into Mexico to sign a contract and has an accident there, CA 01 21 can provide him with some insurance coverage. Of course, there are limitations.

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