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ISO Market Segments Program

Summary: The Insurance Services Office (ISO) has developed a market segments program providing specialized coverages for certain specialty insurance markets. This program offers “wrap-around” endorsements that are used to enhance the coverages provided by standard coverage forms, like the commercial property and general liability forms.

The hotel, motel, and inn program applies to six major classes of hotel/motel business: hotels, motels, and inns with pools or beaches and less than four stories high, and those with four stories and higher; hotels, motels, and inns without pools or beaches and less than four stories high, and those with four stories and higher; and lessor’s risk only hotels, motels, and inns and less than four stories high, and those with four stories and higher.

This article provides information on the hotels, motels, and inns coverage form, MS HM 01 07 07 . The endorsement modifies the CGL forms, the building and personal property coverage form, and the causes of loss—special form. These policies are analyzed in CGL Coverage Form–Coverage A ; see [IDL:CGL Coverage Form—Coverage B] ; see Medical Payments ; see General Provisions of the CGL ; see Building and Personal Property Coverage Form ; and see Causes of Loss .

Topics covered:


Changes to the commercial property form

Coverage extensions

Changes to the causes of loss form

Changes to the CGL form




MS HM 01 is an endorsement that modifies the CGL forms, the commercial property form, and the causes of loss—special form; the provisions of these forms apply to the risk except as otherwise provided in MS HM 01. The endorsement enhances the coverages provided by the standard forms by offering additional property coverages, some crime coverages, and errors and omissions coverage. The limits of insurance offered by MS HM 01 are base limits that can be increased through the use of a supplemental schedule, MS HM DS.

Changes to the Commercial Property Form

MS HM 01 changes some of the amounts available as additional coverages under CP 00 10, the building and personal property coverage form, and adds other coverages.

Under the additional coverage of debris removal, the expense to remove debris of covered property caused by or resulting from a covered cause of loss is paid. MS HM 01 increases the amount available for this removal from $10,000 to $25,000. The formula that is applied to have this debris removal amount paid is the same under MS HM 01 as under CP 00 10, but the insured has more money available to him for the removal process. Considering the size of hotels and motels and the quantity of property in them that may be destroyed in a loss, it is reasonable to accommodate the particular needs of the insured by allowing the debris removal amount to be increased.

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