Circuits: For the first time, a circuit court has ruled on whether the Family and Medical Leave Act protects an employee’s pre-eligibility request for post-eligibility maternity leave.


Litigation: January’s Italian cruise ship crash is proving to be a major PR disaster for Carnival Corp. Meanwhile, plaintiffs firms are preparing to sue the company on behalf of passengers. Read more about maritime law and the forthcoming litigation.



Profile: Alan Kreczko, GC of The Hartford, discusses the career path that led him from managing humanitarian crises for the U. S. government to overseeing the law department at one of the country’s largest investment and insurance companies.

Feature: The Dodd-Frank Act broadened SOX provisions forbidding retaliation against whistleblowers. It also entitles whistleblowers to compensation if their tips results in monetary sanctions of more than $1 million in civil or criminal proceedings. One year later, we examine the bill’s effects.


IP: In Golan v. Holder, the Supreme Court upheld a federal law granting copyright protection to millions of foreign works that had been in the public domain—including some by Pablo Picasso, J.R.R. Tolkien, Alfred Hitchcock, H.G. Wells and Virginia Woolf.