CNN reports that Kagan faced a verbal obstacle course of Republican opposition when explaining her view on the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy. Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, the ranking Republican on the committee, questioned Kagan’s act of limiting military recruiters at Harvard Law School when she was Dean on the basis of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

MSNBC reports that two words essentially sum up Kagan’s hearing: stare decisis, meaning “to stand by things decided.” It’s the term that lawyers and judges use when talking about when to accept a past case as settling an issue and when the court can change its mind. Questioners wanted to know if Kagan intends to overturn past decisions, or precedents.

Vanity Fair reports that the main Republican contention Kagan must dispel is her mystery. Republicans insist that her judicial philosophy is not sufficiently clear since she has never actually been a judge. Regardless, Vanity Fair insist that the nomination will hold strong.

The Associated Press reports that Kagan will have to quell her “sharp tongue and biting wit.” Her disdain for the alleged shallow tone of the vetting process oughtn’t be expressed in the midst of her own hearing.

The Washington Post reports that Kagan’s hearings were fantastically dull. One senator took to doodling portraits. To enliven the summary, the Washington Post set it to rap.