Altiar’s full-service cloud-based enterprise content management (ECM) optimized for Microsoft Azure and dtSearch, a provider of enterprise and developer text retrieval products, is now integrating dtSearch’s core developer product, the dtSearch Engine into the Altiar platform.

Today, the dtSearch product line instantly searches terabytes of text. Along with enterprise and developer text retrieval, the company has its own document filters, offering parsing, extraction, conversion and searching of a broad range of data formats. 

And, Altiar ECM provides access to an organization’s content assets through one easy to navigate, easy to use mobile and web portal. As Altiar’s newest web-based content management solution, ECM works across all of an organization’s search, storage and knowledge management needs.  


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So, why did Altiar choose to work with dtSearch? According to Kevin Kehoe, CTO of Altiar, the dtSearch enterprise indexing solution is unparalleled in terms of its speed and accuracy across large volumes of data and file formats. “Altiar leverage this functionality to offer a customized and targeted search taxonomy which enables end users to quickly find the information they need,” he explained.

“Utilizing the power of dtSearch Engine at the core, users can search across the entire database of files uploaded by other users as well as manage their own uploads simply and quickly,” explained Altiar.  “Search results deliver relevant results from the content within every file as well as any additional data provided at upload.”

As a cloud-based service, Altiar includes setup, scalability and storage. The platform can accept any type of file, from PowerPoint to streaming video, as well as providing a host of tools to create custom content pages, newsletters, personal zones and more. Further, the platform lets users access content from any connected device, as well as share and track content.

“Comprehensive searching is a key feature in our financial services’ sector portals, operating at both the brand management and the individual transactional event management level,” said Gareth Ratcliffe, commercial director at Altiar. “The dtSearch Engine seamlessly fills that need, resulting in instant searching across all portal data.”

One of Altiar’s first Initial customers was the financial-industry giant PayPal because the ECM platform is uniquely backed by specific knowledge of the financial and other content-rich sectors. According to Kehoe, PayPal has recently upgraded to the latest Altiar platform and now have over 1000 users across their global internal business and external partners. 

Kehoe explained, “Lack of access to critical business information and the tools to locate this is a huge drain on resource. It also means that key decisions are made without all of the facts to hand. Altiar and DtSearch ensure that all information is available when required and investment in all sources of data are maximized.”