We all want to get our money’s worth, don’t we? Even the corrupt want to know that their cash is well spent. If you are going to bother to bribe someone, then chances are you want something in return, right?

Well, for those who are inclined to bribery, there is now some direction on where to spend your money. The Pew Research Center recently released data on 44 nations, ranking their attitudes toward bribery. Respondents were asked to rate bribery on a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is not important and 10 is very important. The results were quite telling.



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First of all, it may come as no surprise that China topped this list. Respondents from China gave bribery a rating of 5.5. In contrast, Brazil, which has recently passed anti-corruption laws and was in the news as a potential hive of corruption during the 2014 World Cup, was last on the list with a score of 0.8.

The other countries that had a ranking greater than 4 were Jordan (5), Russia (4.5), Poland (4.3), Italy (4.1) and Tunisia (4.1). The other countries on the list with a rating lower than 2 were Japan (1.8), Venezuela (1.6), Colombia (1.5) and El Salvador (1.4). Apparently, your bribery money will not go as far in South America as it might in Europe or Asia!

The United States was smack in the middle of the list with a rating of 2.5, the same score as Germany and slightly below the UK (2.9) and above Uganda (2.3). The same Pew survey also charted the importance of education, hard work, luck and connections. Check out the full data here.