Inventergy Global announced earlier this week that is has indentified 135 companies currently using Intellectual Property (IP) covered by its patent portfolios, and are in the talks with more than 20 companies to secure licensing revenue. The announcement comes during a time when protecting IP can be a complicated and sometimes litigious issue for companies of all sizes.

Inventergy Global, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based intellectual property company dedicated to identifying, acquiring and licensing the patented technologies of market-significant technology leaders. Led by IP industry pioneer Joe Beyers, the firm assists Fortune 500 companies in leveraging the value of their innovations to “achieve stronger returns and enhanced value on the inventions and ideas of their clients.”

The Campbell, Calif.-based Inventergy Global recently merged with eOn Communications Corporation. Beyers, who headed global licensing for Hewlett-Packaged for several years, said in a statement that the firm now has a laser-sharp focus on licensing and monetizing upon its current portfolios.

“Although the outcomes of these discussions are yet uncertain, they demonstrate the breadth of our activities. Our business strategy can be credited to the strength of our excellent team and to the development of top-quality patent portfolios from leading global companies. Going forward, we will continue to enrich our telecommunications IP licensing focus and branch out into other industries in order to broaden our reach to additional licensees,” Beyers said.


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Beyers added that Inventergy now owns more than 750 patent assets developed by and acquired from Huawei, Panasonic and Nokia. Beyers also said they hope enhance the companies IP licensing focus and will branch out into other industries in order to broaden their reach to additional licensees.

In a recent article IP protection on, author Timothy Bourgaize Murray writes that today, financial technology has never been more litigious, and one can look at the recent protracted litigation case around low-latency provider Zeptonics and HFT firm Zomojo to understand IP’s importance to the industry.

In the article, Beyers says there are ways to make the patents work for you that don’t involve lawsuits.

During his tenure at HP, Beyers told Murray that they started with an IP licensing windfall of about $35 million. Less than four years later, that number had skyrocketed more than ten-fold to $400 million. And after the 2008 financial crisis, many firms have looked to licensing, he says, as an additional source of revenue. The challenge is in getting it right, or finding the right partner to essentially outsource your IP management to, such as Beyers’ Inventergy.