As the needs of the legal world change slowly over time — with new compliance requirements and intellectual property challenges among two of the movers of this change — the technology required to deal with these developments also alters. Recent products in the searchable patents market aim at making e-discovery a more manageable process for businesses. Legal management software that meets the needs of a business’ compliance standards, while maintaining secure communications, is vital. 

But part of the problem for legal departments is the usability of management software, its complexity, and its difficult-to-install nature. A few products exist on the market to try to assuage these issues for legal departments; one of them has been newly unveiled from Mitratech, a provider of enterprise legal management solutions with more than 55,000 users in over 140 countries.

Mitratech’s technology is known as TeamConnect, and this latest generation of its product improves upon the legal management services that include matter management, spend management, e-billing, contract management, legal hold, and compliance solutions.

Company CEO Jason Parkman stated: “The new TeamConnect allows legal departments to stop compromising. It offers the robust, sophisticated functionality that TeamConnect has long been known for — while ensuring that the product can be implemented, administered, configured, and upgraded in an efficient and sustainable manner, resulting in lower total cost of ownership for our clients. We know that both of these goals are incredibly important, and we are thrilled to offer the only solution that fulfills both of these needs.” 

This technology will be bolstered by Mitratech’s recent acquisition of TeamConnect Legal Hold, previously a white-label solution for TeamConnect, developed by Kiersted Systems. Mitratech will now have direct control over the product that will better suit its TeamConnect users. 

The company has been making some moves on the staffing front as well — on-boarding Jason Heyman as Managing Director of its EMEA branch. Heyman has 14 years of experience in the legal software industry in Europe, and will help the company build out is presence in the EMEA markets.


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