Today, Intellectual Property (IP) management is a critical application for innovation-focused enterprises, so having the right product is vital in the success of the organization.

Recently, Lecorpio, a provider of cloud-based IP management and analytics, has been recognized in Hyperion Research’s 2014 MarketView Report: IPM Systems for Corporations – further validation of Lecorpio’s ability to meet the needs of the world’s most innovative and demanding IP organizations. Hyperion’s annual report provides corporate IP departments a comprehensive review and assessment of the IPM software market. Out of 27 identified vendors, Lecorpio was one of only seven to achieve Hyperion’s Advanced Solution designation and the company earned high marks in the Product Maturity and Implementation categories. 

“This kind of independent validation is tremendous for us because it puts Lecorpio at the top of the short list for companies that are serious about best practices in managing their IP,” said Mark Bullard, vice president of product management at Lecorpio.

Lecorpio helps companies turn ideas into assets with its suite of applications that span the entire IP supply chain, including invention disclosure management, patent and trademark management, e-billing, licensing management and general matters management. Additionally, the platform includes workflow capabilities that easily configure to a company’s business process, and includes an IP dashboard with over 160 key performance indicators. 

This year, Lecorpio performed strongly across all categories with significant improvements in Product Features, Technology, Implementation, and Support & Maintenance and even earned the designation of Market Leader and Highly Innovative in these categories: 

  • Market Leader in User Interface: Advanced UX architecture and design provide flexibility, usability and excellent UI performance
  • Market Leader in Prosecution Docketing: Unique template-based prosecution, together with workflows, forms and data validation provide high-quality docketing
  • Market Leader in IPM Business Intelligence: New data analytics engine enables multi-dimensional reporting and graphical dashboards
  • Highly Innovative in Social Collaboration: Integrated collaboration tools provide advanced information sharing and project management


“Based on our direct evaluation and client references, we have found Lecorpio to be a strong solution option across the full range of IPM requirements from core docketing through the most complex and sophisticated workflows,” said Ralph Schroeder, managing director of Hyperion Research. “We recognize Lecorpio as an Advanced Solution provider, placing it amongst a select few in the market for true enterprise-capable IPM solutions.”  

So, out of 27 vendors, how did Lecorpio achieve Hyperion’s Advanced Solution designation? According to Bullard, it all comes down to how Lecorpio is delivering on the company’s mission of helping organizations get the most value from their IP. Lecorpio purpose-built a configurable cloud-based solution suite with an advanced workflow-centric architecture, which means the company is able to meet customer needs and market demands at scale. 

“By listening closely to enterprise customers — and we have over 500,000 users at this point, so we get a lot of regular feedback — we continuously improve our software and stay ahead of the pack,” he explained.

For Product Maturity, Lecorpio’s high mark comes from its focus on delivering a rich, reliable feature set. And, with its roots in Silicon Valley, the company does what it takes to accommodate the most innovative companies. On the Implementation side, Lecorpio received high marks because its solution is cloud-based, making installing and maintaining the software efficient and effective. On the user interface (UI) front, Lecorpio provides an end-to-end view of the entire IP supply chain – from idea to asset.

“Our solution has an advanced UX architecture, our design provides flexibility, usability and excellent UI performance, and the suite has extensive UI configurability. The web-based application is compatible with any major browser, as well as mobile browsers on smartphones and tablets. Lastly, personalization enables users to configure their own workspaces, including a user-defined stream capability for monitoring matter activity, a calendar-based activity view, and a new mobility layer that enables custom workflows to be defined for mobile devices,” said Bullard. 

When it comes to IPM business intelligence, Lecorpio gives organizations visibility into their IP supply chain.  The application suite provides a set of visual analytics tools to drive better business decisions at every stage of the process, including 160+ key performance metrics, heat maps, and family tree mapping. Heat maps provide a graphical look at the data and performance against corporate goals, giving enterprise customers the ability to optimize their IP supply chain. The family tree feature provides a visual representation of all related matters and their relationships and easy navigation to explore each matter.

Finally, the IP supply chain brings together many different contributors who have to work in tandem, providing customers with a central communication tool is essential to any IPM solution and it needs to be intuitive so that people will use it. Lecorpio’s integrated collaboration tools provide advanced information sharing and project management.

Bullard added, “The bottom line here is that Lecorpio scored so well in the Hyperion Research report because we had the right vision out of the gate, we always listen to what customers tell us will make their lives easier, and we have a corporate culture of continuous improvement in everything we do.”


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